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"CASHMERE"--The Longhair Bengal

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This separate site was put together to teach the public about the Longhair Bengals, also referred to as the "Cashmere" bengals.
We (Longhair breeders as a group) decided on the name "Cashmere" due to the fact that the Longhairs have such an amazingly soft and silky coat.
The Longhairs were not developed intentionally, but instead have occurred since the begining of the Bengal breeding programs. Until recently any longhair kittens were not kept in breeding programs because the Bengal breeding programs only consisted of Shorthair Bengals, so breeders who had a longhair kitten born would have them spayed or neutered.
Our hope is that enough Longhair Bengals will be placed in Cashmere breeding programs to both create a Longhair Bengal with all of the traits of the Asian Leopard Cat and the added bonus of a sleek , soft coat that does not shed like the longhaired breeds we currently have today.
The Cashmere Bengals that I have had shed very little and have needed no brushing. The cats kept themselves groomed very well. I also have not had any problems with hairballs.
Currently , it is very difficult to find Cashmere Bengal kittens available to pet buyers because they do not occur very often in the shorthair bengal breedings.  Hopefully, late in 2006, I will have some Cashmere kittens available.